091814 shoppe 018 I think it’s safe to say that many of us survived our childhood play time activities with scrapes and scratches.  Throw  the occasional bandage in the mix and we moved on with those injuries, no helmets, knee-pads, no added protection.

Now, let’s look at our toys.  We rode them, jumped on them, and crashed them.  Some of them were survivors as well.  I came across a pair of pogo sticks in one of our vendor’s booths.  They evoked memories.  You needed balance and skill.  Feet were placed on the “pedals” and the spring action let you jump up and down as long as you could remain upright.


Some of us had awesome bicycles, real collectors’ items today.  No hand brakes and one speed, quite a primitive piece of transport.  But they were stylish and rugged.  Many survived the home made ramps (those that didn’t made tremendous heaps of metal the trash collectors hauled away).  Every now and then, a workable bike comes into the shoppe.  How tempted we are to ride up and down the aisles, mostly to see if we can still do it.

091814 shoppe 019

  Then we look at our dolls and stuffed toys.  They were dragged from morning till night while we were young.  There was no thought of preserving them for future generations.  We chose names for them, dressed them, slept with them, rescued them from the dog, and fought our siblings to keep them in one piece.  Today, some of them are sitting quietly and peacefully out of harm’s way just to be admired and appreciated.

091814 shoppe 003

  We love seeing what has been brought back to life here at the Treasure Shoppe.  Many of these take front and center.  The attention is quite amazing.

When you walk through the store, look at the toys.  Even if you aren’t in the market for this type of treasure, let it take you back for a few seconds.  You’ll walk away with a smile.