With so many of us looking at the economics of downsizing, it is obviously a question of what one can live without.  Organization is key.  Look at simple solutions such as putting drawers on casters for under the bed storage, limiting the number of coffee mugs in the kitchen cabinets (you know, the “touristy” ones from every trip and the gifts from the grandchildren), and cut the paper clutter (old maps, brochures, greeting cards, etc.).

0314 007  Smaller spaces don’t have to be meager, plain, and lifeless.  Color on the wall is key.  Talk to the specialists at the hardware store, check color schemes on Pinterest, and review DIY publications to find what you like and what makes your space spacious.  One decorator’s trick is to use mirrors.  They reflect the light in a room and amplify its volume.

080Getting used to a smaller kitchen area doesn’t have to be difficult.  Choose an elegant folding table or one with a leaf or two.  It opens up when the gang comes over for card night, and stays romantic when it is just the two of you.  A smaller bathroom can be just as user friendly as a larger one when the right cabinets are installed.  There are sinks with built in drawers and storage space.  A coat of paint or a “found” basin from a flea market or a salvage store will bring personality to your space.

treasure shoppe set 2014 001                                                                                          So if you upscale when you downsize, you can still live large.


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