I love being outdoors in the summer and I furnish my patio room as lavishly as my living room.  Seating is strategically placed where there is the best view of the flowering plants within the gardens.  To bring the bedding area to its fullest interest, there is a bit of camouflage involved.  Eye-catching statuary or beautiful terra cotta pots can hide some of the sparse sections.  backersrackcascade mtn

  The garden is also an oasis for humming birds, ring-necked doves, and all sorts of butterflies.  The sweet sounds of wind chimes make an enchanting sound track to a relaxing afternoon.   This is the perfect retreat.  So remember to accessorize.

  Now, when you want to turn up the heat and have some fun, where better to host an event than the patio?  Use a baker’s rack as a beverage station.  Store party utensils in the drawers.  It makes a convenient, compact area to serve your guests.

  It is always a great idea to have some type of entertainment for the young visitors to your home.  Little rocking horses or small toys will not do any harm to garden areas.  IMG_0270

  So as summer marches on, enjoy the living outdoors. 








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